Saturday, May 21, 2011

Patttern For The Folk Art Woodpecker


  1. Another nice project Gene! I really like how rustic this one turned out. Often I find that just a stain will accentuate the flat planes, which are sooo beautiful to view. To me, flat plane carving is more or less what impressionism is to painting. Excessive detail is plain tiring. Coloring wood at times distracts from the beauty of a project. That said, the "limited" color palette you favor along with the antiquing approach are very sympathetic. This "toning down" only compliments the style. Here's a question: I wonder if you could say a few words about carving PINE vs BASS? Not much is said about the inherent differences. You must have some unique observations. Perhaps others would enjoy your thoughts.
    Kind Thanks and Best Wishes, - John

  2. Wonderful little bird, and yes it is quite rustic! I was in Mexico last year and came across some very unique mexican folk art from Oaxaca. Take care!

  3. Sure wish I had this kind of talent to carve, very nice work!