Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Own 10 Rules Of Carving

1. No matter what you carve .. just have fun doing it .

2. Rather simple projects or masterpieces .. Carving is carving ..dont let anyone tell you else wise ..

3. Never be ashamed of your carving .. We all learn differently ..

4. There will always be someone who carves better then you no matter how good you are ... Accept that and you will enjoy it more ..

5. No matter how simple or crude your carving may be .. there will always be someone who wants it and thinks its worth owning ..

6.Always try to improve in your carving .. but give yourself time . . Rome wasnt built in a day ...

7. Always share your experience in carving with someone else .. especially a beginner ..

8.Always take the time to share with others who ask about your carvings . how and why you like to do it ..

9. Never ! Never ! be critical or demeaning to another carvers work .. constructive criticism ..yes .. but never critical .. especially a beginner ..

10. Be safe .. Be courtious.. and Be responsible as a carver .. It will benefit you later in life ..