Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Very Special Carver

I know this doesn't have to do with flat plane carving .. But it does have to do with character and carving .. As most of you know .. There is a special carver from Pennsylvania who not only is a wonderfiul teacher .. but the same person as well and her name is Arleen .. She is a very special lady and A wonderful carver to boot .. Arleen has given her time to teach as no other carver I have known to help us all learn this great art .. Even though she does have classes you can pay for ... her talent is vital in both fields and her you tube videos are fantastic ... This is a lady who has given so much to so many in such a short time and has done it willingly .. Her teaching is one of the best I have ever seen and her camera work of demonstration is one of a kind .. Arleen is truly one of the most giving carvers of the year and I salute her in her efforts .. Her carving is not of flat plane orgin .. but it is even more special .. it is carving from the heart of a lady who just simply loves the art and is willing to share it with everyone ..
Thank You Arleen For Your Kindness


  1. gene, wow , what can i say, but a heartfelt thank you to you,,you got me blushing red!!!!, man i didnt expect this,,,,, you also have given from the heart in this art of carving, your videos have helped many to carve, and with the thousands you have already help i know many of them are thankful for the countless hours it took you to put these videos on youtube, for those that dont know its alot of effort,,, but i know you love woodcarving, your willingness to teach this craft will never go to waste, thanks gene GOD BLESS

  2. It's true Arlene! You do a great job. Gene got me started off and you are starting many off yourself, no doubt!


  3. I have to agree with Gene and Corey here, Arleen, you do a great job. You are greatly appreciated.

    Ed (bigEd_H)

  4. I have been following Gene on Youtube, I have also seen one of arleens youtube videos. You 2 are wonderful carvers. I hope some day to be half as good!