Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Debate Over Using A Carving Glove

The safety of any carver must lie in those who teach when showing how.... and I feel most teachers of carving do practice safety in their teaching ..
But not all teachers use carving gloves and I think its a matter of choice ... I myself choose to teach with a carving glove .. but mostly carve off camera with out one ..
But I will say this to all beginning carvers ! .. Please .. Please do not carve without a carving glove ! Their made for a reason and any carver who has not been carving a long time and has not mastered total control over the knife should wear a carving glove !
I know there are alot of teachers that dont teach with them .. But most all will tell you to use them in their instruction ..
Over the years many long time carvers have learn to comfortably carve with out a glove and know how to hold the piece .. keep the knife in proper position and the carving glove is a restriction to them .. but they all knew how important the carving glove was at first and tell you so ..

So please unless you are a experienced carver .. never .. never carve with out a carving glove ..



  1. thank you, gene for posting this, i for one do not wear one when i teach and i got some grief from others that feel i should wear one, i have carved for 28 years, and way back then they didnt even have them, i agree with you very beginner should wear a glove and my students are required to wear them in my class, if this was available to me back then i would have gotten one right away, i cut myself at least evey week, so please do as gene says wear a glove , learning how to control a knife is soooo important, and that only comes with alot , even years of carving, thanks again gene for all you do , and the pics are great take care , arleen

  2. What kind of glove do you wear Gene? It fits a lot better than the one shown in the picture on this page.