Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good Power Sharpening Devices For The Flat Plane Carver

If you ask woodcarvers what is the best sharpening system .. you better sit down and get ready to hear the opinions fly .. To me .. the best sharpening system for you is what suits you best for your specific purpose .. If you are only using basically a knife .. maybe just some stones and a strop is all you need .. Some carvers have a variety of tools ..large and small that they must use power systems to sharpen with .. Whatever fits your circumstances .. Iam not familiar with what you have .. But whatever it is .. Buying the right sharpening system takes homework and perhaps trying a demo .. There is no perfect sharpening system that works without trial and error on the part of the carver in using it and thats the key .. So before investing in a power sharpening system .. Do Your Homework And Investigate !

I personally love the Ultimate Sharpener by Chipping Away because I love the belt stropping system it has .. It is perfect for my Ron Wells knives and I love it .. But it doesnt mean its what you should use .. Take your time and most all sharpeners have demo videos on you tube and those who sell them .. I for one has seen carvers with the John Burke system and they absolutely love it .. It is a excellent system .. But I didnt choose that one ... I got one that fit my desire and needs .. Remeber .. only you yourself can decide what system works best for you and please ! please ! take your time before investing hundreds of dollars in a power sharpening system that you find out later you dont like ..

A Special Note To Beginners : I do not recommned beginners invest in a power sharpening system until they learn first how to sharpen their tools with a a sharpening system such as stones , sand paper , or strops .... You can make a cheaper sharpening system with a drill and sand paper without spending so much money until you learn how to sharpen .. Arleen in her wonderful carving videos on you tube shows you how to make one So until you learn the basics of sharpening .. Dont yet invest in a expensive sharpening system .. Also Rick at Little Shavers Woodcarving has a sharpening service for beginners and will sharpen your tools for a small price ... Check him out .. I hear he is fantastic ..

The Ultimate Sharpener By Chipping Away ( $242.00)
The Carve Sharp ($300.00) Work Sharp ($200.00)

The John Burke Sharpener ($385.00)

The Tomek Sharpener ( $600.00)


  1. hi again gene, great information on the sharpening tools, and i am thankful to you for telling new beginners not to spend alot of money on a system yet! your blog is awesome, i enjoyed seeing your carvings and the great work you do, keep up the good work, and i also think its great that woodcarving does not have to cost alot, and in these days alot of folk are hurting, and this past time doesnt have to cost alot to enjoy, take care, arleen

  2. I want to buy this sharpening tools.however Men Suit make your look great.