Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Extraordinary Flat Plane Work Of Hyung Jun Yong

There are alot of flat plane carvers ... Harley Refsal , Emil Janel , The Trygg Family ... But I feel one of the most extraordinary flat plane carvers of today is a man who lives in Soth Korea by the name of Hyung Jun Yong .. Hyung 's carvings reflect the artistry of true sculpture mixed with the flat plane style of carving ... His work is truly a amazing site to look at and the artistry of his cuts are superb .. These pictures simply tell the story .. Hyung had only been carving about 2 years when he did these pieces ... What extraordinary talent this man has ... A mixture of flat plane artistry in his own native surroundings .. Hyung.. I believe is one of the best to come along in this era and I hope you enjoy his wonderful work .. I honor his talent and Am fortunate enough to call him a friend ..
Gene The Whistle Man
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  1. I agree Gene Hyung work is truly art! He will leave his mark on the carving world...

  2. Wow! Hyung's work is amazing! I didn't realize, Gene, until I really got "looking", what an amazing resource your blog is for flat plane carving. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.