Friday, July 17, 2009

Tom Hindes .. A True Wizard Himself

Anyone who subscribes to Woodcarving Illustarted Message Board is certainly familiar with with Tom H .... His wonderful little wizards and santas have graced the pages of the message board for years ..
Even though Tom doesnt consider himself a flat plane carver .. That is immaterial to what Iam about to say about this man ..
Tom 's dedication to using his talents to help the beginner carver's is unsurpassed by his layed back style and the ability to present a simple style of carving to the beginner and advanced carver alike ..
His 5 minute wizard he introduced in Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine and I had the joy to do on my carving videos . .. Was the most requested item and biggest response I ever received on my you tube message board from beginners and carvers alike .. Everyone wanted to do the 5 minute wizard ....

Tom's teaching simplicity and quick way to carve a figure in less time with minimal cuts was a joy to those who had never carved before ....
We have to understand that this simple way to carve sparked alot of newcomers interest in wanting to learn and have continued to carve today ..
To me .. it was a start for many who never believed they could learn to carve .. but found something simple that they could start off with ..
I know Tom might have never realized this .. but I believe that he is one person who has provided the key to reaching alot of beginning carvers with the basics of doing simple pieces that when finished .. Look So Darn Good !.. And that in itself is a Art !

Some Of Tom's Wonderful Noah's Arks and Great Small Treasures