Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Excellent Woodcarving Knives For Flat Plane Work

This is of course the Ron Wells Knife ..my favorite knife for flat plane work that I use constantly .. The reason I like this knife is because I like the handle and the thinness of the blade .. I can make thin flat cuts on my figures .. It's blade once sharpen .. stays sharp with stropping every once in awhile .... I use the 1 3/8 inch detail blade and they also make the knife in larger sizes ..
Note : Ron Wells ..due to illness no longer makes this knife .. but it is made by Mike Shipley and is still a fine knife .. Mike has used it for years to do his great carvings ..( Little Shavers $24.00)
The Harley Refsal Knife is a good knife for flat plane work ..I have never used one .. but if the old master uses it .. it must be good ( Pinewood Forge...$34.00)
The Denny knife is a excellent knife for flat plane and very durable .It has good steel and the handle is comfortable .. (Little Shavers $20.00)

The Murphy Knife is a good flat plane and beginners knife for its price and durability .. The handle isnt as comfortable to some carvers (Little Shavers $13.00)

The Flex Cut Knives are good for flat plane .. but the blade are a little thick .. The Plam v tools and gouges are excellent for flat plane work and highly recommended.. (Little shavers..$20.00)

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  1. I think Helvie knives deserve to be in this list too. Excellent quality,thin very sharp blades and feel great in the hand!